Jones & Lampson

The J & L Optical Comparator

Jones & Lampson optical comparator origins date back to 1919 when James Hartness along with Russell Porter created the first optical comparator for commercial use. It was known as a shadow graph that was capable of giving the exact desired magnification by projecting a tail of an object onto a receiving projection screen several feet away. Then the object was compared to a graph showing tolerances for that object.

Mr. Hartness was president of the Jones and Lampson Machine Company early on when the Hartness Screw Thread Comparator was a profitable product of the company. For decades other manufacturers had their optical comparators compared to the original Jones and Lampson optical comparator unsuccessfully according to their website

Precision Calibration has several models of previously owned J & L Optical comparators for sale featured on this website like the CLS 14T Quadra Chek 2000 optical comparator or the Epic 230 Delta ss 200 QC with Edge Detection

J&L Metrology is the last company with a full-line of precision Optical Comparators manufacturing them in the USA.

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