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Coordinate Measuring Machine Calibration or Repair
Coordinate Measuring Machine Sales - New or Used

Is your coordinate measuring machine (CMM) providing you with the most precise and accurate measurements possible? When tolerances of as small as .0001" matter and must be met, then your CMM needs to be calibrated precisely. If you are using a coordinate measuring machine to assure that the tolerances specified are met, then your CMM most be regularly recalibrated to assure that the measurements that you are reading are truly precise.

That is where we come in. We are Precision Calibration of Michigan and it is our job to calibrate your coordinate measuring machine to the exact specifications set by the manufacturer of your CMM. We have the knowledge and the experience to calibrate all brands of coordinate measuring machines. With over 50 years experience in the calibration industry we've worked with major corporations and many small firms to assure that their coordinate measuring machines and similar tools meet the highest standards for precision measurement. If you have any of the following brands of CMM that needs to be calibrated, then you should contact us for expert calibration services.

We work on all of these brands of CMM 3-D measurement systems:

    Brown & Sharpe
    LK CMM
    International Metrology Systems (IMS)

If you are ready to purchase anew or used coordinate measuring machine, we offer sales of both new and used equipment and can help you when you need any of the brand names mentioned above. In addition to offering new or used CMM's, we also offer all of the accessories that you will need to make the best use of your new coordinate measuring machine.

If you need repair or calibration of your current coordinate measuring machine, or if you are interested in purchasing anew or used CMM or accessories to accompany your CMM, then we're the experts to see. We are an accredited ISO-IEC 17025 organization that will work with you to assure the proper repair of your CMM or help you to own a new or used CMM.

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