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New or Used Hardness Testers Sales, Service, Calibration Services

We offer new hardness testers or used hardness testers. We have several different models of new hardness testers available along with all of the hardness tester accessories that you need for each type of hardness tester and for every type of metal hardness testing that you may need to apply.

We also offer several different portable hardness testers too. check out our used inventory of hardness testers to find the model of hardness tester that will best suit your application needs. We offer hardness testers with digital readouts or hardness testers with gage type readouts. Each hardness tester is equipped with features that will make the job of determining the hardness of each piece tested easy as can be and provide you with accurate testing results.

Since we are certified calibration experts, you can be sure that any of the used hardness testers that we offer is set to perform to the highest standards and will meet your metal hardness testing needs. From soft metals to the strongest and hardest metals, we have the hardness testers for your application.

Do you already own hardness testers? If you do and your hardness tester needs to be re-calibrated or repaired, we're the experts to handle the job. We are ISO certified and regularly work with some of the largest manufacturers in the world. Companies whose products are closely scrutinized are regulated. Companies whose products, if not up to all standards face expensive recalls or potential legal actions. These corporations trust us to assure that their hardness testing equipment is maintained to the highest standards.

When you need to purchase new or used hardness testing equipment, whether it be stationary or portable, or when you need to have your current hardness testing equipment re-calibrated or repaired, or if you need accessories for any hardness testing equipment, see us. We are precise measurement equipment specialists with the knowledge that you need to assure that your equipment purchases are the right purchases or to assure that your hardness testing equipment is repaired or calibrated correctly.

The hardness testers that we service and sell may also be referred to within the metrology testing industry by the following terms:
Rockwell Hardness Testers, Micro Hardness Testers, Brinnel Testers

We service and sell hardness testers that include the following manufacturers:

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