millpwr control systems

MillPWR A versatile two or three axis control and a three axis readout system, MILLPWR satisfies the need for both manual and automated operations for vertical knee mills. This user-friendly product is the answer to increasing your efficiency, productivity and profitability.

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Operator Console

2 or 3 Axes Control / 3 Axes Readout
Significantly improves efficiency, productivity and profitability; may be used automatically or manually.

Immediate Part View Graphics
Verify part programs before and during machining to reduce errors and scrap; use zoom features for intricate details.

10″ Flat Panel, Color LCD Display
View information instantly on MILLPWR‘s large, operator-friendly display with immediate graphic feedback.

3D Tactile Keypad
Locate application-specific function, adjust feed rates and start/stop MILLPWR quickly and easily.

Large Internal Storage Capacity
Store multiple part programs in MILLPWR‘s internal memory for convenient access anytime.

RS-232 Port/Remote Storage
Connect MILLPWR to your PC for convenient program transfer and storage.

NEW! Compact Flash Portable Data Storage
Save part programs to or load part programs from a compact flash card for quick storage and retrieval.

Emergency Stop/Table Stop
Stop X, Y and Z Axes movement immediately to avoid damage or injury.

Remote Stop/Go Switch
Start and stop movement with a hand-held switch.

Programming Functions

Menu-Prompted, Conversational Programming
Easily create part programs-follow the menu prompts and let MILLPWR do the rest.

Immediate Part View Graphics
Verify part programs before and during machining to reduce errors and scrap; use zoom features for intricate details.

Tool Library
Create a list of frequently used tools to save time while programming a part.

Hard Key Milling Functions
Standardized menus make it easy for you to program common features like lines, arcs, pockets, islands, spirals and ellipses. To add a feature to your program, simply press a function key and then follow to prompts. MILLPWR also includes an “engrave” option for engraving alphanumeric characters vertically, horizontally, diagonally or along an arc.


Closed Loop Feedback
Eliminate the need for backlash compensation with ACU-RITE Precision Glass Scales.

Powerful DC Motors
Machine heavy cuts or position each axis at a maximum speed of 100 inches per minute.

Precision Ground and Hardened Ballscrews
Smooth positioning and less wear than conventional lead screws.


Absolute/Incremental Displays
Display table movement/positions relative to workpiece zero (absolute) or from feature to feature (incremental).

Polar/Cartesian Coordinates
Enter dimensions directly from the print without mathematical interpolation.

Inch/mm Conversion
Avoid math errors, convert from inches to millimeters instantly.

Preset absolute and incremental dimensions, then machine to zero.

Establish workpiece zero within seconds.

Special Function

Easily manipulate part programs to save time and reduce program steps.

Custom Pocket
Program a continuous closed contour that has an irregular shape for multiple passes.

Engrave alphanumeric references into a part vertically, horizontally, diagonally or on an arc.

Create a continuous contour and add finishing passes with approach and departure moves to avoid tool marks.

Program chamfers quicklywithout calculating end points.

Create raised features on any part.

Program spirals with various sizes and sweep angles.

Teach Position

Position-TracTMFind Home
Easily, quickly and accurately reestablish workpiece zero after power loss.

Step Functions

View program steps like bolthole patterns, engrave, repeat, rotate and mirror in more detail.  Start programs at any step.

Reverse Steps and Paths
Reverse the begin and end points, as well as the tool offset for any step or group of successive steps.

Edit program steps in groups or one at a time.

Delete Steps
Remove unwanted steps quickly and easily.

Copy/Move Steps
Allows you to duplicate or rearrange steps within any program.

Run Options

Single Step
Stop MILLPWR after each step, enabling the operator to check positioning and other program information before continuing.

Dry Run
Allows operator to run entire program at maximum speed without stopping.; determine whether or not there is enough material to machine the part.

Graphics Only
See the part on screen without running the machine.

Manual Positioning
Position the table using the handles.

Show Tool Path
Displays the cutting path as the part is machined.

Follow tool
Automatically adjusts the part graphic so that the tool is always in view.

Math Functions

Perform math calculations on screen and transfer them directly into part programs.

Trigonometry Calculator
Provides you with the means of performing complex mathematical calculations.

Geometry Calculator
Enables you to calculate missing information that does not appear on your print.
RPM Calculator
Calculate RPM values simply by entering the tool diameter and the surface speed that you want to operate at.

Additional Functions

Jog Control
Move quickly from one location to another using one axis at a time or any two axes simultaneously.

Tool Offsets
Enter the tool’s diameter and length, MILLPWR will automatically compensate for the tool’s dimensions while machining.  This allows operator to program the part instead of the tool path.

Feed Rate Override
Adjust the feed rate without exiting the milling function or program.

Teach Position
Use a tool, electronic edge finder or indicator to create a program from an existing part.

DXF File Input
Reduce programming time by loading part geometry from a CAD file.

G-Code File Input
Read and execute G-Code files from your CAD/CAM software for full 3-D contouring.

Reference Tables
Look up drill/tap sizes and surface speeds in seconds.

Monitor keypad and memory functions to reduce troubleshooting time and scrap.

Scales Factoring (Multiplier)
Machine a part to print dimensions while allowing for shrinkage or expansion.

Programmable Travel Limits
Establish maximum travel limits with software, instead of costly mechanical switches that reduce travel.

Comment Steps
Add text messages into any program.

Auxiliary Functions
Program coolant, machine lubrication and/or other items to turn on, off pulse automatically when running a program.

Multiple Scale Coupling
Couple the movement of two parallel axes (i.e. the quill and knee) and never lose track of Z-axis position again.

Program Directories
Organize programs for better file management and faster retrieval.

Reduce setup time and math errors, calculate the centerline between two or more points.

Merge one program with another to significantly reduce programming time.

Back up part programs on a compact flash card or on a PC via an RS-232 port.

Linear Error Compensation
Ensure consistent cutting accuracy by compensating for machine tool wear.

Speed/Feed Rate Display
Control workpiece quality, repeatability and finish.

Job Clock
Keep track of run times, monitor throughput even estimate how long a job will take.