Model 200s

Model 200s Readout Systems

As the industry standard in digital readout systems, the Acu-Rite 200S offers state-of-the-art features for milling, turning and grinding applications.

Model 200s Readout SystemCommon Features

  1. 2 or 3 axes 5.7” Transmissive LCD display
  2. Job Clock
  3. Feed Rate Display
  4. Multiple Language Support
  5. Absolute/Incremental
  6. Near-Zero Warning
  7. Help Function
  8. 16 Tool Offsets/Diameter
  9. Preset and zero reset
  10. 4 Function Calculator/Trig Calculator
  11. Instant Inch/mm conversion
  12. Position-TracTM Home Reference System

Milling Specific Features
  • 200S screen Mill Bolthole pattern calculations with graphics (full and partial circles/linear patterns)
  • Centerline calculation enables you to establish workpiece zero and midpoints
  • Edge finder input
  • I/O (option)


Turning Specific Features
  • 200S screen TurnLock axis feature
  • Instant radius/diameter conversion
  • Taper Calculator
  • CSS (option)

Technical Data


Error Compensation
Linear and non-linear compensation up to +/-9,999 ppmConstruction
Die-cast metalData Interface
RS-232-C/V.24 serial portElectrical Requirements
Voltage of 100-240 Vac
Power of 30 VA max
Frequency of 50/60 Hz (+/-3Hz)

Operating Temperature
0 degrees to 45 degrees C
(32 degrees to 113 degrees F)Storage Temperature
-20 degrees to 70 degrees C
(-22 degrees to 158 degrees F)Weight
4.85 lbs.Certifications
ISO-9001, UL, CSA, CE