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Do you use optical comparators within your business to test or accurately measure the parts that you manufacture? Visual inspection of your parts using an optical comparator is sometimes the best way to inspect those parts. Because an optical comparator will magnify and project an image of your parts, an optical comparator may be the only efficient means that you have to properly inspect and measure miniature parts.

At Precision Calibration of Michigan we offer calibration services for your optical comparators. We also sell optical comparators in the event that you may need to replace an existing optical comparator or if your business is expanding and you need to add additional optical comparator equipment to your highly accurate measurement and inspection equipment.

We have years of experience in the re-calibration of all types of measuring and inspection devices, with optical comparators being one of the main pieces of precise measuring equipment that we often have the pleasure of working on. We also buy used optical comparators and refurbish them to as close as new condition as possible. We then make these used optical comparators available for sale at greatly reduced prices We have vertical optical comparators and horizontal optical comparators available for you to purchase. Because it is our business to assure that all of your sensitive measuring and inspection equipment is calibrated correctly, you can also be sure that when you buy a used optical comparator from us, that it will be in top condition to assure that your measurements and inspections are completely accurate. You have no worries about saving money when you purchase a used optical comparator from us.

Since we are calibration experts, it only makes good sense that when your optical comparator equipment needs to be calibrated and recertified, that you choose us to perform that work. After all, we are certified and accredited and our business depends upon you and the equipment that you use to be sure that all of the parts that you manufacture are up to all of the standards of quality and accuracy set forth for each and every part that you manufacture.

Don't trust your optical comparator to just anyone. See us when it's time to have your current optical comparator tested and re-calibrated. If you're ready to purchase an optical comparator, see us first for the pricing and quality optical comparator equipment that you need. We'll help you to own an optical comparator that you can count on at a very reasonable price.

We service and sell shadow graphs, vision systems or optical comparators that include the following manufacturers:

Jones & Lamson
J & L Metrology
Optical Gaging Products
Baty Gage Master
Ram Optic
Gage Master

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