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Precision Gage Block Calibration

Precision measuring equipment like gage blocks periodically require that they be calibrated to insure that they are offering precise measurements. If you are using micrometers or sine bars in your manufacturing processes then you know just how important your precise measurements need to be. When setting your micrometers or sine bars, one of the best tests to assure their accuracy is through the use of gage blocks.

Over time you need to be sure that your gage blocks are still providing the accurate measurements that they were designed to provide. That's where we come in. We're Precision Calibration of Michigan and it's our business to assure that all of your measuring devices including, but not limited to, gage blocks are truly precise. When your gage blocks are not calibrated properly, they can result in measurements from your other equipment being off. As a precision manufacturing source, the items that you create if not made to exact specifications can be quite costly to your business. Having your gage blocks calibrated helps to assure that your manufacturing operations where precise measurements are involved stays true at all times. Staying within exacting design specifications allows you to produce products that are demanded by the companies that you may be providing parts or materials to. This also will help you to maintain a great reputation within your industry, which should in turn help to assure that your company is considered for future contracts.

Send us your gage blocks and we'll calibrate them and assure you of their authenticity in setting your micrometers or sine bars. Don't let a simple thing like not having your gage blocks calibrated in a timely fashion cost you untold amounts of work and future profitability. When you work with us to have your gage blocks calibrated you will not only get back calibrated gage blocks, but, you will also have peace of mind knowing that your measuring devices can be set to be truly accurate. You wouldn't dream of not maintaining and assuring that your manufacturing equipment was not working properly or not set to the exacting specifications that they are supposed to perform at and you shouldn't let a simple thing like mis-calibrated gage blocks affect your operations either.

Have your gage blocks calibrated by us and you are taking a very important step to assuring your products meet all design requirements. Give us a call today or send us an email to let us know your needs for gage block calibration services and assure your future.

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