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Surface Plate Surfacing or Calibration Services

If your surface plates are worn, chipped or otherwise damaged, how can you expect to achieve accurate or precise measurements? The simple answer is that, you can't.

Over time your surface plates will develop worn spots rendering them uneven and providing you with inaccurate measurement readings. Your surface plates may also become damaged due to dropping tools or other materials on them that create chips or other wear spots. Surface plates will also encounter wear due to airborne particles and dust that will create an abrasive situation. If you continually use the same spot on a surface plate, wear will definitely take place and your surface plate will become uneven. We advise that your surface plates be resurfaced on a regular basis to insure that you are getting the right measurements from your precision measuring equipment such as your coordinate measuring machine.

How often should your surface plates be resurfaced is a common question. Contact us and we can discuss your uses of your surface plates, the materials that it made of etc. There are many determining factors regarding the frequency that a surface plate should be recalibrated or resurfaced.

When you work with us to handle all of your surface plate resurfacing or calibration, you can be assured that we will perform the work to the highest metrology industry standards and that we will resurface your surface plates to the tolerances demanded by your application. With over 50 years experience in the metrology measuring equipment calibration industry and over constant certification to the latest standards we have the experience and the skills to handle all of your calibration needs including resurfacing of your surface plates.

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